We always strive to provide the best care possible, keeping updated with the latest and most innovative and effective materials and techniques. We have chosen to practice “metal-free” dentistry, using “tooth-colored” composite restorations.

Besides the controversy on the potential of amalgam containing mercury, “silver” fillings also have many other negative oral affects.

  • Metal tends to expand and contract when it comes in contact with hot and cold temperatures potential~ causing extreme tooth sensitivity.
  • Requires more removal of tooth structure, as it is “mechanically placed.”
  • Last but not least, they not visually pleasing as they are noticeable in the mouth.

A composite “tooth-colored” material that is:

  • Resin-based material that is made of ceramic and plastic compound.
  • Visually pleasing as the material matches your natural tooth color.
  • Chemically bonded to teeth, allowing conservation of existing, healthy tooth structure.

What are the pros and cons of resin composite fillings?


  • Invisible – The same color as your teeth, these fillings blend in.
  • Easy adhesion – Resin composite bonds to the surface of your tooth.
  • Preserves maximum amount of tooth – The flexibility of resin composite means less drilling is required.


  • Must be done in a proper, moisture-controlled environment, which involves using isolation such as cotton rolls, dry-angles and/or rubber dams.